Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st Days of School

Carson started pre-school last Wednesday. We started the day out with his special breakfast.

then the standard photo. He was So excited. It is fun to see him be able to have his own things now. He is such a cute kid!

Colby's first day of 1st grade is today. Last night the Magic School Bus stopped by and dropped off some school supplies for Colby.

Colby's special breakfast!

First Grade!

waiting at the bus stop

boarding the bus to ALL day school. *sigh* SO bittersweet!
Colby was SO excited for school to start. He woke up multiple time during the night to see if it was morning yet. Then he was literally doing this happy dance all morning long that had Nate and I rolling! He is such a special boy and I know he will do awesome this year!
Good luck to my boys this year!


Caytee said...

Yay! They are getting so big!

Laura Call said...

A very big day! How exciting... and so fun that you make it so special for them.