Wednesday, March 17, 2010


they aren't getting pinched today!
*what is Carson doing in this picture?!
gotta love him!

Start Your Engines!

Last Friday the Kindergarten classes did what is called the Kindy 500. All the kids need to make a cardboard box car with their parents. Then at school they take a "road trip across America" and learn of some of its history. They made stops at Mt. Rushmore, The White House, The Statue of Liberty, Abraham Lincoln, the American Flag, and the Liberty Bell. I got to go help out and it was SO much fun!!! The kids had a blast! What a creative idea for learning! I love it!

Colby requested a mail truck, so here he is! Some people really decked out their kids' cars, but we just kept it simple and I think it still turned out cute! Colby was very happy, so that is all that mattered!
They paraded around the school to show off their cool vehicles!Here I am at my station....the Liberty Bell!

It was such a fun day of learning, and when we returned home I was worn out!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Moving On

My Dad sold our house. Well, it is his house, but I still consider it mine too since I grew up there. I love that house! I am sad to see it go, but am SO happy for my Dad to move on. So many great memories there, like.......

numerous family gatherings

decorating gingerbread houses. I think this was the year the tradition started.

Just being plain old goofy,

Christmases. My Mom made them so special and magical!

Dark tag!

soaking in the hot tub

my Dad scaring the kids on the front porch every Halloween. He would come up with something new each year.

and......the rust colored carpet

A house is just a house until you fill it with family, laughter, gatherings, tears, and most of all, love. It then becomes a home....a sanctuary. This was my home for many years and I love it! I will miss it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I Love a Project!

I made this for my good friend who is having a baby girl this month. Let me tell you, it was SO fun to do something girly! I love these covers! I wish they were around when I had my boys.