Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st Days of School

Carson started pre-school last Wednesday. We started the day out with his special breakfast.

then the standard photo. He was So excited. It is fun to see him be able to have his own things now. He is such a cute kid!

Colby's first day of 1st grade is today. Last night the Magic School Bus stopped by and dropped off some school supplies for Colby.

Colby's special breakfast!

First Grade!

waiting at the bus stop

boarding the bus to ALL day school. *sigh* SO bittersweet!
Colby was SO excited for school to start. He woke up multiple time during the night to see if it was morning yet. Then he was literally doing this happy dance all morning long that had Nate and I rolling! He is such a special boy and I know he will do awesome this year!
Good luck to my boys this year!

Monday, August 23, 2010

2 Many Reasons Why I Love Joshie!

Joshie turned 2 at the beginning of the month. Ya, 2! I can't get over it! Where has the last 2 years gone? He is a little boy now. No more baby. Talking more and more everyday. Super independent. Stront-willed. Sweet. Cuddly. Got a good set of lungs. And mimicks everything his older brothers do! We love him so much!

the 2 year old!
The birthday boy and daddy!
Joshie at McDonalds
Carson. Why does it seem I have so many pictures exactly like this? Oh ya, he never looks at the camera! :-)
Colby and his baby brother
Joshie and his happy meal. The boys only get happy meals on special occasions. So they were elated to get them!!!
Joshie and his train cake.
Yes, it is a store bought cake and I am ok with that! It was one crazy week and I have to say, it was nice not to have to slave over making a cake! :-) I don't think Josh minded one bit.

Mickey Mayhem!

Carson turned 4 last month. The boys get birthday parties every other year, so this year he wanted a Mickey Mouse party! It was WAY too much fun to plan!!!!

the party invites
and here is what the actual invite looked like

the party shirts we handed out to every guest to wear

the party favors

the contents of the party favors

the party decor

the cake

the friends

the fun!

the indestructable Mickey Pinata

the Grandparents!

the Aunt and Uncle!

the Family!

the Birthday Boy!!!

Happy Birthday Little Man!!! We love you so, so much!!!!

2:10:25...Woo Hoo!

I have SO many other things to blog about, but I have to get this down while it is still fresh in my mind. Saturday, I ran the Hobble Creek Half Marathon. I actually did it! It was so great! Other, than it starting late, everything went well! I felt good the whole time. The last 2 miles were in the 90 degree heat, so I was definitely feeling it then, but I pushed through and finished right at my goal....2:10:25. Yay!!!! My family was there to support me, and that seriously was the highlight of it all. They were there to share in this accomplishment that I have been working towards for so long. I love you all so much!!! Caytee and Jon ran it too. Jon ran ahead right out of the gate. He is way too fast for us! Caytee and I ran the first 5 together, then split up. It was such a neat experience. I am SO glad I chose to do something I never thought I could do! Such a confidence booster!

my boys waiting for me with water in hand

I SO needed that. They were waiting at the water station at mile 10. Mile 9 was a tough one with the heat and some hills, and I was beginning to lose steam. Then I saw my hubby and kids and in-laws waiting there cheering me on. I don't think they will ever know how much it meant to me and what a boost that was for me!!!!

Colby showing me the sign he made as I was running away.

Here I come down the home stretch, desperately wanting that finish line to magically appear!

Caytee, Jon and Me post race

The signs that Colby made for me. So sweet!

My incredible, supportive family!!!! (Carson did NOT want to be in the picture. That stubborn little thing!)