Sunday, August 31, 2008

Carson Is A Big 2 Year Old!

So I have to get caught up on some summer activities. First being Carson's birthday. We went over to Grandma and Grandpa's with Nate's family and Cars got to share his birthday with his cousin Julia. (they are just 2 days apart) Carson LOVES Cars and Lightening McQueen (or as he calls him "Ightning"), so guess what kind of cake he got?? One of my favorite things to do is make birthday cakes. I LOVE birthdays!

What Happened To July??

The E*/S* fam, minus my men.

Rhonda and Zeke (I love this picture!)

My dad, Uncle Doug and Uncle Richard

Here we are checking out the talent show

Nae even sang in the talent show and did a fabulous job! That tree in the background is the family tree. My mom had 10 siblings. That makes for one BIG tree!

My brothers, Mark (left) and Cory (right). They are a crack up!

I also got to go take some flowers to my mom's grave with my dad. It is set in such a beautiful place. Here is a picture of the view from my mom's plot.

I miss her tremendously!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beautiful Surprise!

Go Jaguars!

Colby started soccer this week and is LOVING it!! It is so funny to watch these little guys play. It is like a bunch of bees following the soccer ball.

Colby warming up! He is a lefty, so hopefully that will work to his advantage.

He got a turn at Goalie
Here he is with his cous and teammate, Brady!

His uniform is a bit too big, but he still looks good, doesn't he?!

Carson loved watching so much he wanted to be right out there with them! He is a cheeser!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alone With 3 Kids...Can I Do It?!

Well, we have had a full house here since baby Joshua came and now they have all had to go home. :(( I am so sad about it. Everyone has been such a GREAT help, especially with the older boys. It has been so nice to know they were being taken care of while I was recovering. I am a little nervous to be alone with the three boys when I am not fully recovered yet. Although I am feeling leaps and bounds better than I did a week ago. Thank you so much to Nae, Papa, Auntie Rhonda, and Auntie Cyn. It has been so wonderful to have you guys! We love you all so much and appreciate all you have done for us!

Auntie Cyn helping Cars get some banana....his favorite. He is our little monkey!

Aunt Nae, who has been so great and an enormous help! She made sure the boys had breakfast every morning and took such great care of them. Thank you so much!

Carson helping Auntie Rhonda do some dishes. She spoils my boys and they LOVE it! Rhonda came to our house straight from Disneyland, so she had lots of fun Disney stuff for the boys. And she had all sorts of activities planned out for them to do. They had a lot of fun. Thank you so, so much!!

My Pops with Cars. He was awesome! And the boys loved having him here. Thank you so much for coming and being apart of this special time for us and helping out so much!

And since I had so much help I have been able to do this pretty much all day long and I LOVE every minute of it! Joshua is such a cuddle bug and prefers to sleep snuggled up to his mom. I am soaking every second of it up because I know it won't last long!

And here are some fun pics of the boys. Colby and Carson LOVE their baby brother and are so good with him. Colby is constantly kissing him and saying how sweet he is. And Carson even offers his favorite blankey to keep Joshua warm.

Monday, August 11, 2008

He's Here!

We are so happy to announce the newest addition to our family:
Joshua Nathan Cox
August 7, 2008 @ 7:53 am
7 lbs. 7 oz., 21 in. long

The proud Daddy of his boy #3!

Mommy and her sweet Joshua. And lets not talk about the hunting camo hat he has on! Not cute!

Our new family of 5!!

Carson loved climbing into the baby cart as you can see!
Carson can't resist giving baby brother a kiss!
Colby too!
We are so in love with little Joshua. He is a sweetie and a great addition to our little family. The boys love him to death, too! We are all doing good and adjusting really well. You can go to to see some professional photos of the little guy.