Monday, November 16, 2009

A "Wicked" Weekend Getaway!

We went to Denver......ate yummy food, shopped, learned that some revolving doors require pushing, napped, walked around downtown, froze our tush's off, and most of all....saw "Wicked"!We frequented the 7-Eleven for hot cocoa and slurpees, where we learned 24 oz. of hot cocoa is way too much! ugh! My Hubby is so good to me! He planned this whole trip back in the Spring as a surprise. He knew how badly I wanted to see "Wicked". I love him! And, "Wicked"...... SO AWESOME!!!!!

Thank you Caytee and Preston for sharing the experience with us!
And a BIG thank you to Carrie and Carol for caring for our boys while we were away! :-)

Monday, November 9, 2009

I Had To Laugh!

This morning when I went to write something on the calendar, I noticed Colby had added something for me on the 14th and 16th. Here is a close-up of each. I wrote Denver on there and Colby added "Colby and Carson go to Bradys" (he forgot little Joshie!) And please notice the smiley face! My favorite part!Then he wrote "go back". Again, notice the frowny face this time.

This kid continually makes me smile! And you can tell he is not at ALL excited to go have a couple of sleepovers at Brady's. He LOVES him!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wicked....Here We Come!

Well, it has been a week! With Nate being sick, my schedule was totally thrown off. He is now back to his normal self. Yay! That Swine Flu is bad stuff! Joshie had croup and now has a cold and is pretty much miserable and crying about 80% of the time. So unlike him. I am ready for him to be back to his normal self! Poor little thing! Now I just hope we can all be healthy! It is amazing how you take your health for granted!

I am happy to report that my 3rd Primary Program is behind me. The kids did absolutely AWESOME and made me cry just like every other time. Something about children, and the spirit they can bring to a room. Such an amazing thing. I was so proud and happy to have been a small part of it! I have such a great group in Primary. They are just incredible and am so happy to serve with them!

Now I look forward to a weekend away with my Honey to go see Wicked in Denver! Wahoo!
Nate planned this whole trip as a surprise, including the childcare arrangements. He is just about the BEST ever! It couldn't come at a better time!

So this week I will be counting down the days!

Monday, November 2, 2009


This blasted thing has entered our house by way of poor Nate. Halloween night he started feeling some symptoms and the by next day was feeling MISERABLE. We are grateful for Nate's brother, Chad (who just happens to work in the CDC in the Influenza nice!) who is always a phone call away with help! We love him!!! He was able to get us some Tamiflu and now hopefully Nate can be on the mend. Wish us luck and a big THANK YOU to Chad!