Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yes, It Is Really Me!

I have taken a very long blogging hiatus. PTA really has taken over my life. It has been so fun and stressful all at once! The school year is almost to a close, so the end is in sight. Plus I think my family will be happy to have my full attention again! :-) I really don't know where to start, so I will start with the present. I have really been thinking about my Mom a lot lately. Probably because the 3 year anniversary of her death is just days away. You never get over the death of someone close to you. You just learn to live with it and deal with it. My mind still often wanders to her and how I wish she were still here. There is a void in my life with her gone, but I know I will be with her again someday. Hooray for the Plan of our Heavenly Father. He loves us and has made a way for us to be together forever. I am so grateful for that!

My mom and I when I was 7 or 8

Me, my sister, and Mom when I was a Junior in High School. My sister had just returned from a mission